Yes! OfferMax is a completely free online auction. There is a membership program that offers users additional features, however, memberships are entirely optional.

Why OfferMax

Offermax is simple, concise and easy to use. Looking to buy or sell something? Look no further! Offermax is the premiere site to buy and sell! You won’t find local jobs listed here or where to meet your friends. Only what can be bought and sold that is tangible. AND it’s absolutely FREE! There are never any fees on any transactions that take place here! So, buy, sell, smile! 🙂

No! OfferMax is a completely free site for any and all users. You do have to join in order to bid, buy and sell, however there are no fees to do so. Being a paid Member does offer benefits however, such as an expanded friends and family list, unlimited posts, additional photos to accompany your item and more! Check out the benefits of being a paid member to find out more!

Absolutely! If you are unhappy at any time for any reason you may choose to cancel your membership. If you are a subscriber and choose to cancel your membership, please be aware that any annual charges to your credit card will be pro-rated. If you are a monthly paid member, there will be no additional charges to your credit card, however, once cancelling a membership you must wait 30 days before you are eligible to join again.

No! OfferMax exists and is in the business of connecting buyers and sellers! Simple as that! Any private information provided to OfferMax by joining is never sold or passed on to third parties and is kept in the strictest confidence.

Yes there are. Please see the list of prohibited items that are not permitted to be listed for sale on OfferMax. Efforts to sell prohibited items on OfferMax can result in removal from site and termination of account.

If you submit a bid and it is accepted by the seller, the seller has 48 hours to contact you to make arrangements for completion of the transaction. Your contact information will be forwarded to the seller once the seller has accepted your bid?

OfferMax exists to connect buyers and sellers and in doing so, relies on the honor system. However, like many other sites, users can leave reviews about their experiences with other users. By doing this, users develop a profile and rating based on these reviews. You are strongly encouraged to read the reviews of users as well as leaving reviews about your experience.

Yes. You can post up to 6 items for auction at any given time as a free user. Paid Members can post unlimited items for auction.

Yes.. You can bid on as many items as you wish at any time, regardless of membership level.

OfferMax is THE place to buy and sell. Whether it’s the car you just have to get rid of or that item that’s been in the attic for years, you can get the most for your items here AND it’s completely FREE! Being subscriber however, does have added benefits. Take a look at “Benefits of Subscribing” page for more information and a full list of benefits offered to subscribers.

Friends and family is a new and neat way to keep your close friends and family in the loop of what you may have to sell BEFORE it goes public. This feature is offered to all users and is as simple as checking a box. If this feature is selected, the item you have for sale will be automatically emailed to the friends and family members that you have pre-entered, before it goes live. This will give your friends and family members the first opportunity to buy your item before anyone else will see it. Just another way OfferMax gives you an advantage!

Simple! First, you must be a subscriber in order to have our item listed on the Featured Items section of the homepage. While OfferMax is free to use, it provides an advantage to subscribers. Among many other benefits of subscribing, having your item listed on the “featured Items” section of the OfferMax homepage is just one! When you subscribe, your items are rotated into the featured items section based on popularity and buyer interest.

While reserve pricing is discouraged, you can set a minimum bid for your item.  Offermax is designed to attract the highest amount someone is willing to pay for your item.  What may be junk to you could be treasure to someone else. Often times, asking prices or minimum bids may deter buyers from even bidding on items. By not placing a minimum bid on your item, you may receive offers that may otherwise have gone “un-offered”

Yes! Once the item you have listed for auction has expired you are free to relist the item. You may relist any item as many times as you wish.

No.  If you feel your item is worth more than what you have been offered, you are free to reject any and all offers.

  • Follow Unlimited Items

    Subscribers are never limited in the number of items they want to follow.

  • Private Priority Sharing

    Post an item, and share it with your friends and family list before it goes out to the public to give them a chance to make the first offer.

  • Unlimited Categories

    List your items in as many categories as to want to get the most exposure and offers.