How it Works

Free Online Auctions You Control

OfferMax is a free online auction service that allows members to buy and sell things online. During an OfferMax auction, buyers can make offers for an item based on what they would pay for the particular item. OfferMax doesn’t require sellers to post an asking price and other users’ offers are not shown during the auction. At the end of an OfferMax auction, the seller is free to choose which offer he/she wants to accept, if any. Sellers are not obligated to accept the highest offer and are free to keep the item if they wish.

OfferMax prides itself on being extremely simple and user-friendly. It’s easy to sign up, easy to post a product with images and a description, and easy to make offers.

The OfferMax interface is modern and extremely clean. was designed to promote the ideal online shopping experience driven by independent users. OfferMax is an online environment where users feel comfortable and safe to buy and sell things online.


Once you create a free OfferMax account you can start showcasing your items on OfferMax. Listing an item is free and there are no transaction fees. Sellers can upload images and write a description about their item. Sellers can also choose an OfferMax category that will help buyers find their item.? Sellers have the ability to choose if their auction will last for 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, or 48 hours. If a seller accepts an offer, the seller needs to leave feedback about their experience. If a seller decides not to accept any offers, he/she can re-list the item for free.


Once you create a free OfferMax account, you are free to make offers on items you want to purchase. Buyers are allowed to make as many offers as they want. OfferMax allows for location based browsing. You can shop local and see items that are close to you. This allows for quick and easy transactions, where users might not have to spend on extra shipping costs. Buyers can also view items that are further away from them.


Do you have a physical store location but don’t want to pay for an e-commerce website? Businesses can list their items using OfferMax.

  • Follow Unlimited Items

    Subscribers are never limited in the number of items they want to follow.

  • Private Priority Sharing

    Post an item, and share it with your friends and family list before it goes out to the public to give them a chance to make the first offer.

  • Unlimited Categories

    List your items in as many categories as to want to get the most exposure and offers.