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Friends and Family

What does the friends and family feature mean to me?

This feature is offered to all users and is as simple as checking a box. If this feature is selected, the item you have for sale will be automatically emailed to the friends and family members that you have pre-entered, before it goes live. This will give your friends and family members the first opportunity to buy your item before anyone else will see it. Just another way OfferMax gives you an advantage!

First Opportunity to Buy

Friends and Family is a convenient way of letting your closest friends and family members know of items you are selling before it goes live and public on the site. Many times you may have something you would like to sell that a family member or friend would like to have so why not give them the first opportunity to buy? Perhaps a family heirloom, a childhood memory or that special antique of a great grandfather?

How Will They Know?

You simply input the email address of your friends and family members that you would like notified when you are selling an item, check the box when you list the item and they will be contacted through email that you have something for sale they may be interested in. Your friends and family members will then have 24 hours to respond or buy your item before it is posted live on the site automatically. This feature is completely free, however, you may only enter up to 6 members on your friends and family list as a free user. When you join, you can enter an unlimited number of friends and family members.

Subscribe Today!

Let them know what you’re selling, BEFORE it goes public. Friends and family is a new and neat way to keep your close friends and family in the loop of what you may have to sell BEFORE it goes public.

Get in on the fun, and check out our subscription plans, three different ways to start selling and buying now. You have options!

  • Follow Unlimited Items

    Subscribers are never limited in the number of items they want to follow.

  • Private Priority Sharing

    Post an item, and share it with your friends and family list before it goes out to the public to give them a chance to make the first offer.

  • Unlimited Categories

    List your items in as many categories as to want to get the most exposure and offers.