Terms of Use

Prohibited Items

AlcoholAnimals or wildlife/wildlife productsCatalytic converters and test pipesCell phone or wireless service contractsUsed clothing
ContractsCosmeticsCounterfeit currency and stampsCredit cardsDrugs and drug paraphernalia
Electronics equipment regarding the violation of any laws- i.e. TV descramblers, radar detectors, traffic signal control devices, ect.Embargoed goods and prohibited countriesEvent tickets*Firearms, weapons and knives.Food and healthcare items
Gift cardsGovernment documents, ID’s and licensesGovernment , transit, and shipping related items- i.e. Government operations manuals, government uniforms, USPS items, ect.Hazardous, restricted or regulated materials- i.e. batteries, fireworks, refrigerants, ect.Human remains/body parts.
Importation of goods into the US- i.e. CD’s/DVD’s intended only for distribution in a certain country.International trading.Items that encourage illegal activity.Lock picking devices.Lottery tickets.
Mailing lists and personal information.Manufacturer’s couponsMedical drugs, devices and healthcare.Military items.Multi-level marketing, pyramid and matrix programs.
Offensive material- i.e. ethnically or racially offensive material, Nazi memorabilia, ect.PesticidesPlants and seedsPolice related itemsPostage meters
Prescription drugsStamps- Collectibles excludedStocks and other securitiesStolen propertySurveillance equipment*
TobaccoWeedsPornographic material

*Items in these categories may be restricted by law and must be the responsibility of buyer/seller to determine any applicable laws and regulations that govern such.


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